About Mary Grace

Mary Albario

Bio: Born and raised in Bulacan, Philippines and has been living in this town outside Metro for 25 years now. I studied in Manila for four years, worked in Makati then Ortigas then Antipolo for a total of four years as well and now working comfortably from home since May 2014. I am a big sports fan, a book freak, an anime and movie addict, a music lover and a hopeless romantic (I have the tendency to fall for fictional characters). Organized Chaos is the best title for my site as I love writing about everything under the sun and then organizing my thoughts in this so-called blogsite. I write random essays, mostly about sports events, novels, animated films and personal experiences. I am also hoping to write about my travel experiences soon. Hopefully, I get to travel more in the coming years. I love sharing my thoughts as I believe this will help me grow as a person. Aside from the fact that I love writing, this has also been a form of self-evaluation for me. It also helps me ease my burden. Every time I’m feeling sad, depressed and have no one else to talk to, I turn to Him and then I put into words whatever I am feeling. It’s really effective.  I enjoy reading other blogs in this community, especially those that feature animated films, writing tips and whatnot. So there, welcome to my world! Enjoy! *PS: I also appreciate comments and constructive criticisms in my blogs. Thank you in advance!

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