Spending My Day in the Metro: A Date with a Good Friend

The greatest sweetener of human life is friendship. To raise this to the highest pitch of enjoyment, is a secret which but few discover.

 – Joseph Addison

Moments spent with my good friends are some of the many things that I would want to remember for as long as I can.

So here I am sharing with you all the time I’ve spent with a dear friend a couple of days ago.

It was Monday, February 9. I woke up at 6:40AM. I was a bit surprised to find out it was already past 6 in the morning so I hurriedly got up and took a bath. I only had four hours of sleep then because I had to stay up late to do my other job. Anyway, I prepared as fast as I can and by 8:30AM, I was already in the bus bound for Ortigas.

It was a different sight that day. As opposed to my hope of a rain (which happened the last time I went to the Metro), the sun was shining brightly, teasing me to enjoy its ray of light at least once in a while. Good thing though, the cool wind was still blowing so the heat was bearable for me. By the time the bus was in Robinson’s Ortigas, I received a call from Prince (his real name is Eleazar. I gave him that nickname as a term of endearment), asking me where I was. I told him I’ll be in Megamall in 10 minutes and to wait for me in Bubble Tea.

At Bubble Tea, SM Megamall (photo credits to Eleazar Villegas)
At Bubble Tea, SM Megamall (photo credits to Eleazar Villegas)

By 10:40AM, I arrived at Megamall and went straight to Foodcourt to meet him. He was calling me again. I already had a dose of laughter just hearing him talk over the phone. And so our much-awaited meeting took place. Man, did I miss this dude so much! It’s been over a year since I last saw him. I originally planned for us to have lunch in Bubble Tea (I miss eating in this place really. I used to eat here alone after my appointment with the doctor and every time I get the chance to unwind and date myself) but because he wanted to have a heavy carb-loaded meal, we opted for Greenwich instead. So there, we had lunch and had a hearty and fun conversation at the same time.

It’s really good to have a friend who can just make you laugh with his crazy antics and random ‘trips sa buhay’.

That’s my friend right there! We tried to catch up with each other’s lives, sharing all sorts of stories that we can share in that span of time. As always, I was laughing while having a hearty conversation with him. He started it. The moment he talked to me on the phone, he was doing this ‘conyo’ way of speaking which we carried on until the end of our date. It was really hilarious to tell you honestly. I just couldn’t describe exactly how our conversation went but it was really fun.

Mau and I. Great to see you again dear! :)
Mau and I. Great to see you again dear! 🙂

By 12:20 in the afternoon, another friend of mine came over for lunch- Mau. She is my friend since college and that was the first time we saw each other in about four years if I’m not mistaken. This girl had a big lunch! Well, who doesn’t love to eat right? We used the one hour that we have to also catch up with each other, talking about our work and personal lives. We also had bits of conversation about the kind of guy that we want to marry- someone who has a goal in life and someone who can really support his family. We also talked about the ‘thing’ that I had with someone else in the past where I honestly admitted that I am not yet over him (it’s been more than three years since that particular ‘incident’) but that I am willing to move on and do everything I can do to totally forget him (though I know it’s close to impossibility to forget him, I still want to give it a try). We also talked about flashbacks which can be dreadful sometimes, if you know what I mean. Our conversation was basically a continuation of the phone chat we had a few weeks ago (nabitin kasi chikahan namin nun eh).

credits to owner
That Thing Called Tadhana. Truly the Ultimate “Hugot” Film of 2015. (Image credits to owner)

Around 1:30PM, Prince and I headed to the Cinema to watch That Thing Called Tadhana! I was so excited to watch this film that I felt anxious the day before. I kind of have the tendency to fret over something which hasn’t even happened yet. But then again, thank heavens, we were able to push through with our plans that day. By 2 in the afternoon, the movie has started and that was it. We hardly talked inside the cinema. I guess we were both very much focused watching the film that we didn’t find the time to talk anymore. To sum it up, the movie was, I think, one of the best Pinoy Rom-Com films that I have watched in my 25 years of existence. I really, really, really love it!

The movie ended around 3:40PM. Since I still have work later that night and Prince, I think has something else to do (perhaps meet his boyfriend or just rest. :p ), we decided to go home right after. He waited for me to ride a bus before leaving.

So that’s how our date went. It was definitely a day well spent. I enjoyed every minute of it! It’s great to know that even though we are no longer in the same workplace and see each other often, we still find time to meet and enjoy each other’s company just like what we used to do before. We still keep in touch either via Facebook or via SMS. He calls me sometimes as well. I hope and pray that this friendship will last forever. We’ve known each other and have been friends for more than three years now. He’s one of the few people I met in my previous work whom I trust and truly care for. I can be myself with him around. That’s what I really love about the kind of friendship that we have – no pretentions involved. I scold him when needed (just like an older sister, though, technically he’s a year or two older than me) and yeah, we do get into conflicts but that’s just once in a blue moon.

So Prince, if you’re reading this, know that I love you (I guess I’ve told you this a hundred times already) and that I’m looking forward to more of our bonding moments in the future. Friends for keeps okay! God bless us! 😀


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