Something Random: Pick One

There are times when you can’t sleep no matter how much you want to. So better use that time wisely. You can spend the night by reading a book, listening to music or by writing or listing something…something random.

I did just that. So here’s the result – a dose of my randomness.

1. Books or Boys
Answer: Books. All books have boys, but not all boys have books.


book collage

2. Ball pen or Sign pen
: Ball pen. It’s cheaper.

my favorite ballpen
my favorite ballpen

3. Sneakers or Heels
Answer: Sneakers. It’s much much much much more comfortable than heels.

4. Best Buy Planner or Starbucks Planner
: Best Buy Planner. Practicality is the best policy.


5. Lipstick or Chapstick
: Chapstick. Only Chapstick.


6. Milk or Coffee
: Coffee. Coffee. More coffee.

coffee collage

7. Novels or Magazines
Answer: Novels. I gotta read more of these!


8. House or Mall
Answer: House. It got everything for me.

9. Qwerty or Touch Screen
: Qwerty. The cons of having sweaty hands. Sucks man!

10. Tees or Blouses
: Tees. Especially vintage and statement shirts.

11. Library or Coffee Shop
: Coffee Shop. I can bring books in a coffee shop, but I can’t bring coffee in a library.

12. Laptop or Desktop
: Laptop. It’s such a space saver.

my laptop

13. Beach or Mountain
: Beach. I don’t literally have to go against the gravity in this place.

Coral View, Bataan circa 2013
Coral View, Bataan circa 2013

14. Cookies or Chips
: Cookies. They go well with hot coffee.

15. Shorts or Skirts
Answer: Shorts. Not the girly type.

16. Mysterious or Open Book
: Mysterious. Still waters run deep.

17. Smoker or Drinker
: Drinker. I can tolerate drinking to some extent, but not smoking. Never.

EDSA Central circa 2011
EDSA Central circa 2011

18. Bowl or Plate
: Bowl. Mix everything then eat.

bowl collage

Pork Tonkatsu with Double Choco Milkshake at Bubble Tea_170513

19. Spoon & Fork or Chopsticks
: Spoon & Fork. I don’t even know how to use chopsticks. Poor me.

20. Sweet or Bitter
: Bitter. Bitter chocolates are definitely healthier.

21. Morning or Evening
: Evening. I believe I’m a vampire.

22. Rice or Bread
: Rice. Bread will never be enough.

23. Backpacks or Shoulder bags
: Backpacks. Always on the go.


24. Bus or Train
: Bus. I can sleep here.

25. Cap or Beanie
Answer: Cap. I think I look better in it.

26. Rocker or Balladeer
: Rocker. There’s just something more in them.

27. Long haired or Short haired guys
: Long haired. Just because.

long haired guys
credits to owners

28. Pink or Black
: Black. ‘Tis a no-brainer.

29. Cab or Jeepney.
: Cab. I don’t like stop overs.

30. Math or English.
: English. Truly, madly, deeply.

31. Spaghetti or Carbonara
: Carbonara. I prefer my pasta white.

Xocolat 2013
Xocolat circa 2013

32. Fastfood or Real food
: Real food. Nothing beats the genuine thing.

33. 2NE1 or Girl’s Generation
: 2NE1. “This is for all the Blackjack out there! 2015! Are you ready!?”– CL (SBS Gayo 2014)

34. WINNER or GOT7
: Winner. But uhm, Mark and Bambam are oh so fine as well.

jinwoo gif
credits to owner
credits to owner
credits to owner

35. YG or SM
Answer: YG. Cheers to all the YG Stans!

36. Running Man or 2 Days and 1 Night
: Running Man. SpartaKook and Monday Couple for the win!

37. Japan or Korea.
: Japan. Animes first before Idols.

credits to owners
credits to owners

38. Korean Cuisine or Japanese Cuisine
: Korean. I just can’t get enough of Kimchi, Bibimbap and Japchae.

39. Barcelona or Paris.
Answer: Barcelona. Been dreaming of this since time immemorial. Will go to Paris after.

40. Europe or America.
Answer: Europe. I think I’m better off there.

41. Movie date or Dinner date.
: Movie date. At home while having dinner.

42. Twitter or Facebook.
: Twitter. I prefer flooding my Twitter news feed with all sorts of randomness.

43. WordPress or Blogspot.
: WordPress. I got acquainted with this first.

44. Forgive or Forget
: Forgive. Always. My sharp memory refuses to forget.

45. More or Less.
Answer: Less. Less is more.

46. Rainy or Summer season
Answer: Rainy. It’s always easier to warm up than to cool down.

47. Jessie J or Riri
Answer: Jessie J. Definitely..definitely Jessie J!!

48. Coco Martin or Piolo Pascual
: Coco Martin. I prefer his acting style.

49. Sarah G or Bea Alonzo
: Sarah G. All around performer, box-office queen, best leading lady, down to earth. I’m such a fan!

50. The Voice or American Idol
: The Voice. I used to like American Idol…I didn’t know about The Voice then.

51. 2D or 3D
Answer: 2D. Japanese anime freak right here.

52. Pokemon or Digimon
Answer: Pokemon. Pikachu and Ash forever!!

credits to owner
credits to owner

53. Mojacko or Doraemon
Answer: Doraemon. I can do a lot with all the gadgets he has!

Answer: MBLAQ. Cheondung-oppa and his laughter is the best ever! (Although Joon and Cheondung are no longer members of this group)

55. Big Bang or 2PM
Answer: Big Bang. No questions asked.

56. First Male Lead or Second Male Lead in K-Dramas
Answer: Second Male Lead. I think I have this so called Second Male Lead syndrome.

57. Kim Woo Bin or Lee Min Ho
Answer: Kim Woo Bin. He’s the best thing that has ever happened in my life. ❤

credits to owner
credits to owner
credits to owner
credits to owner
credits to owner
credits to owner

See this link if you want to further indulge. and/ or watch The Heirs and School 2013. He’s definitely one of the best model-turned-actor in Korea right now! 🙂

Okay. I’m off to dreamland. 🙂

(Images used are mine, unless indicated otherwise)


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