How YG Family Slayed MAMA 2014

It’s been five days since..and I am so not yet over with my favorite artists’ performances in MNET Asian Music Awards 2014.

Held last 3rd of December in Hong Kong, YG Family was a force to reckon in MAMA 2014! It’s no doubt that with all the awards and great stages delivered by our dear artists, YG dominated this year’s most prestigious music awards show in Asia.

Let’s first break it down to the performances.

The Opening Number: Dok2, iKON’s BOBBY, The Qquiett and Masta WU with YGGR and COME HERE

Goosebumps!! Seriously! Man this performance is sick!! What a way to open the show! I never thought I would enjoy listening to rap music this much. I’ve tried listening to another hip hop artist before but his songs didn’t really catch my attention. Perhaps, I’m not that open minded then when it comes to music genres so yeah, no rap nor hip-hop that time in my vocabulary.

I only know a handful of Korean expressions. This is why I could care less of what they were saying. With that said, I was able to focus on their performance and the beat of the music. I was banging my head the whole time, partying like crazy in my cozy corner.

This is also the first time I’ve watched Dok2, iKON’s BOBBY, The Qquiett and Masta WU perform live together and I must say they all killed it!

Masta WU was a total commander on stage with his flawless rapping style. He’s still got that swag despite not being that active on stage performances for the past few years.

iKON’s Bobby…goodness me! This kid will surely go a long way. He was born to do this! Yes, he is. He’s got the confidence and that monster-like performer in him. He didn’t look like a rookie on stage. If I hadn’t known him since WIN days, I would’ve thought he’s been in the business for at least three years now.

It’s amazing how these rappers managed to carry the stage on their own- no need for fancy choreography, back-up dancers and whatnot, just being lost in the music was more than enough.


Another epic stage!!! Winner’s performance of Empty was so heavenly. Again, they were able to pull off another unique version of their song and sing it with pure sincerity that even I, from where I am, have felt their emotions. I also love their ‘runway walk’ to that other part of the stage. These guys can absolutely do a legit runway walk. I remember their performance in Style Icon Awards 2014 where they did this slow motion walk and they still look good in it.   Even though their performance here was short, I couldn’t complain anymore because they were followed by Epik High featuring Yoo Inna who came in as a pleasant surprise. I didn’t know Yoo Inna can sing that way and I must say, she did justice singing parts of Happen Ending.

The Born Hater stage was such a memorable one. Epik High with WINNER’s Mino and iKON’s Bobby and B.I really did a wonderful job! YG has the best rappers in the house right there! The fans screamed when DJ Tukutz entered looking like a boss doing his thing on stage, followed by Tablo and Mithra, B.I started his line, then Mino and then Bobby which almost took the roof off the venue. I also like the fact that the artists get to do their ‘jobs’ which are to sing and interact with the audience. Their interaction with the others artists was gold with Mino even giving the mic to Tao of EXO for about 10 seconds or so.


Now this is how you do it!! This is how you do a final stage!! It was worth the wait. With G-Dragon and Taeyang performing with all their hearts, we can really never go wrong.

Taeyang started off with his soulful performance of Eyes, Nose, Lips. I would say it was one of his best performance of the song. I also think it was a good idea he did it alone. This song is just so precious and he deserves to have that moment on stage. The lights during his performance was also breathtaking. It was really beautiful and it matched Taeyang’s performance well.

And then time for G-Dragon’s entrance which was of course accompanied by thunderous screams from the fans. With his well-written rap as an introduction (which I think a lot of fans have already read online- see this link for full transcript…oh well. Nuff said. He killed it.

Moving on…

“Put your hands in the you feelin’ out there?”

The most awaited performance of the night..and I bet the most shocking (in a good way) for a lot of ladies out there. Taeyang entered with no shirt on and performed alongside a fully dressed G-Dragon. Man, this is one of the best ‘ironies’ I’ve experienced by far. I couldn’t blame Ailee who was trying hard to conceal her reaction that time upon seeing Taeyang’s hot bod.

G-Dragon and Taeyang’s singing, moves and interaction with the crowd were all spot on!

I like the fact that they get to dance and sing live throughout the whole song. They just moved with so much swag and it was hard not to dance along because they made the choreo really look so cool.

I think ending the performance with Fantastic Baby was a great idea. I’m sure it was nostalgic for a lot of VIPs and some may even give a ‘What-the-another-Fantastic Baby’ reaction as they have already performed this in the previous MAMA years.

Nevertheless, they totally brought the house down with this grand stage.

BONUS TRACK: IU’s Collab with Mino for FRIDAY

This was the most unexpected collab for me!! And Mino did a fantastic job right there rapping and harmonizing with IU. I’ve read an English translation of Mino’s rap and it was really sweet. He also did some cute and crazy hip dance moves which made me smile from ear to ear. It was such a great sight and I hope he gets to have another performance with artists outside YG (just like my hopes for Taeyang and Ailee duet as well).

Now for the Awards they bagged that night:

Best New Artist– WINNER

Best Male Artist– Taeyang

Best Vocal Performance Male– Taeyang

Best Rap Performance– Epik High

Song of the Year– Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang

To be honest, I was a bit nervous when the Best New Artist awardee was about to be announced. WINNER had such tight competition in GOT7, whom I thought also did a great job this year. Fortunately, my biases won in the end and I couldn’t be any happier for them. It was like a dream come true not only for WINNER but also for their avid supporters.

The Best Male Artist, Best Vocal Performance Male and Song of the Year awards were a no brainer for me. Taeyang deserves all these recognition because of his sheer hard work and talent plus the fact that it hits Billboard 200 this year (

I am very happy as well to finally see Epik High win an award in MAMA 2014. I am not sure though if they won the same award before but this one was memorable because they won it after everything they’ve been through especially Tablo and also as artists of YG.

And even though 2NE1 didn’t win any awards, I still believe that they are the BEST FEMALE GROUP not only in the K-POP domain but also in the whole world! I am looking forward to their comeback next year and I hope everything goes well for them. They are so talented and they have a lot more to give to the fans so I hope there will be no more ridiculous scandals for any of the members from next year. 2NE1 fighting!!!

Not to forget, YG Family Moments offstage:

We also saw the birth of MINO ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS on the same night. Song Mino of WINNER was everywhere!! I love the fact that he’s still his usual self even though he is attending a big awards show where other artists might be thinking like, “Oh this is an awards night, I have to take care of my image.” Well, for MINO he doesn’t care even a tiny bit and I’m sure the fans had a great time watching him show off his crazy antics.

MINO funny

I could go on and on for hours at how Mino made my day. He is sooooo adorably hilarious and cute. Seriously. I think if there’s one more award that he deserves, that would be The Clown of the Night. Oh, I think he also deserves to get the Mr Congeniality award. Hear ye!

YG artists in attendance that night never fail to genuinely care, cheer and support each other. They really look like a family which is why a lot of fans have come to love them as their family too.

Happy Family at MAMAYG Family jjang

They also look happy watching other artists perform. I love how they enjoy every performance and show support for their co-musicians. That’s YG for you baby. 🙂

Another scene stealer, CHOI JI WOO

Choi Ji Woo

Choi Ji Woo. If there’s a Female Star of the Night and Best Dressed awards that night, she could’ve won both. She was a show stopper, scene stealer in that sparkly silver gown. She’s as beautiful as ever! She’s really stunning especially in that part where she announced the Song of the Year awardee, she even managed to make it more suspenseful and her reaction was priceless. Love her so!

PS: A big thanks to YG for always showing how much they respect music and the artists in them. Live performances are hard to pull off but they make it a point to do it every time they go on stage. More blessings for the whole YG Family! Looking forward to more awesome songs, albums and stages in the years to come!

(Photos and videos used not mine, credits to their rightful owners)


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