My Thoughts on Detective Conan Movie 17- Case Closed: Private Eyes in the Distant Sea

Yet again another Detective Conan movie that left me in awe. This is really amazing! The characters, the story, the setting- everything just perfectly fit each other!

The 17th Case Closed movie, Private Eyes in the Distant Sea was released on April 20, 2013 and has a total box office earnings of $36,054,366 (USD). The story revolves on the series of events resulting from a possible act of espionage- a discovery of an abandoned ship with explosives in it, the death of a lieutenant, the discreet investigation conducted by the Ministry of Defense on Aegis Destroyer.

Casts of Private Eyes

I like the fact that all the casts in this movie have their own shining moments. In every Detective Conan film and even in the series, Edogawa Conan’s, also known as Shinichi Kudo, clever deductions on every case he handles are always highlighted. Well, why not? He is definitely the best fictional detective in the anime world. It’s just good to see that his friends also played important roles in resolving the case at hand. For instance, Dr Agasa and Haibara helped Conan in determining the identity of the SDF Lady they met on board and they have also examined a couple of data sent by Conan as part of his investigation. Heiji, another highschool detective, also helped our young detective and the police force in catching one of the two spies who’s named Takekawa.

Mouri Kogorou image

I think this is the first time I’ve witnessed a very sensible Mouri Kogorou. What he said to Captain Fuji who works directly for the Ministry of Defense, that all of them- the Police Force, the Coast Guard and the Ministry of Defense, must work together for the sake of Japan as it would be a lot easier this way was really spot on. He didn’t go overboard with his crazy antics and made well thought of comments that helped in resolving the case. Of course with the help of Conan, the suspect responsible for the death of Lieutenant Sausara was revealed.

The most memorable and most heartwarming part for me was that scene towards the end when they fRanound out that Ran was pushed into the sea by the foreign spy on board Aegis Destroyer. The rescue team had to beat the clock in order to find Ran before sunset. It would be a lot harder and almost impossible to continue on the rescue operation once the sun sets given the low temperature of the water and utter darkness. Conan, as much as he wanted to board the helicopter and join the search was stopped by Inspector Megure saying that a kid like him will just get in the way. He had no choice but to stay in the control room with the rest and hoped that Ran will be rescued in time. Conan, the Detective Boys, Yuki, most of all, Sonoko, Ran’s best friend were all so deeply worried as to the possible fate of Ran for there was no guarantee of finding the latter in the middle of the ocean with just about 15 minutes left before sunset.

I also cried during this part. My heart was beating faster because I am also not certain if Ran will live or if this is the end of her character. Of course, as an avid fan of this anime, I want Ran to live. I want her to eventually reunite with Kudou Shinichi. She’s been waiting for too long now and killing her character just seemed unfair.

Mouri Kogorou

Fortunately, with the help of Destroyer’s Captain, Captain Fujii, the rest of the crew and the quick thinking of Conan, they were able to locate Ran and rescue her before sunset. Good thing she was still conscious. Up until the end, Ran was holding on to Shinichi’s words- “Wherever you are, I will find you.” And the latter did just that! Shinichi aka Conan was able to help the rescue team locate Ran by directing them to use the ship’s radio signal and follow the glittering materials in the water. Who would’ve thought that Kogorou’s brightly colored call cards would be a big help in this rescue operation?

The plot twist was definitely genius, the characters were all so great and Conan is forever exceptional! You can never go wrong with Detective Conan!


(Photos not mine, credits to their rightful owners)


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