My Thoughts on Michael Crichton and Richard Preston’s Micro

MicroMicro by Michael Crichton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Whoever has the power in society determines what can be studied, determines what can be observed, determines what can be thought. Scientists fall in line with the dominant power structure. They have to because the power structure pays the bills.”

– Danny Minot

I must say I enjoyed this book as much as I enjoyed State of Fear. I find myself wanting to finish this novel, Micro, in one sitting because of the suspense and thrill it brings. Unfortunately though, I was able to finish this in a week.

Michael Crichton is such a genius when it comes to sci-fi novels. He is really effective in putting all those scientific facts and a great story in one masterpiece. I like that through this book, I was able to learn more about the world of insects and how such small creatures can be powerful and dangerous to humans at the same time.

This novel also showed how powerful technology is and how deadly it can be not only for a couple of people but also for the entire human race if manipulated by the greedy. Vin Drake is the antagonist in this story whom I can refer to as a vicious psychopath. A person who doesn’t care how many lives are sacrificed as long as he preserves Nanigen’s so-called integrity– that’s got to be the company’s CEO Vin Drake.

I felt awful when Peter Jansen’s character died in the first half of this story. I thought he will be one of the survivors. I liked his character because he showed composure amidst the danger that he and his group is facing. As you can see, seven students were turned into micro-humans by Drake because they have all been accidental witnesses to the CEO’s crime. Alyson Bender, Nanigen’s CFO and the CEO’s lover, had a change of heart and tried to save the students but she too, became a victim of Drake’s horrifying plan.

In the end, there were a total of three survivors- Karen King and Rick Hutter, the graduate students; and Eric Jansen, Vice President of Nanigen Technology and Peter Jansen’s brother who was thought of being dead in the beginning of the story. Vin Drake ended up being killed by one of his bots which was accidentally turned into a giant robot when Karen King and Rick Hutter activated the tensor generator in order to go back to their normal size. The confrontation between Eric Jansen and Vin Drake was also a bit nerve-racking for me because I never knew for sure if Drake will die or if another Jansen will be a victim. Fortunately though, the CEO died.

I also like the part that Dan Watanabe played in solving this murder mystery. Responding to his curiosity, he went on to open the series of murder cases involving victims connected to Nanigen Technology and silently investigated the crime. He was assisted by a forensic expert who found out about the microbots floating in the bloodstream of the victims. From there on, Watanabe was able to successfully follow the mystery given the facts at hand.

Michael Crichton and Richard Preston surely did an amazing collaboration in order to come up with this output. I really like this novel and hope that I will be able to read more of Crichton’s masterpieces. So far, I have already read about seven of his books and overall, I can say that I really had a good time reading his works.

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