My Thoughts on Detective Conan Movie 2- Case Closed: The Fourteenth Target

So here I am, writing about another Detective Conan film which I’ve watched earlier. It’s entitled The Fourteenth Target. This movie is the second Cased Closed film which was released in Japanese theatres on April 18, 1998 and had a total gross of 1.08 billion in Japanese Yen ( Yet again, another box office Detective Conan Movie!

The opening part was a dream sequence with Ran and her mom, Eri, having a dangerous encounter. Then the scene transitions to the Detective Boys waiting for Professor Agasa in the train station. While waiting, Ayumi, one of the Detective Boys, played the ‘love match’ game with Conan as her subject. Conan’s fortune according to the result of the game turned out to be somewhat related to an ‘A’ or a ‘kiss’ if you will translate it in Japanese. There was also a part where a convict’s release was shown. These opening scenes are important in the wholeness of the film for as the viewer progresses, he will soon find out why these parts are necessary and their connection to the story.

Well, I guess all I’m trying to say is…this is another genius Detective Conan movie! I know I’ve said how clever Captured In Her Eyes is in my previous blog, but this too, this too is clever! I was actually close to determining who the culprit was, but of course, in the end, we all know that no one can outwit Edogawa Conan/ Shinichi Kudou.

One of my favorite scene was when Conan sneaked into the helicopter to be with Inspector Megure, Detective Mori and Tsuji, who is ‘ten’ and the next target victim in this game of cards orchestrated by the culprit. It was really fortunate that Conan managed to be with the older guys, otherwise we could have all witnessed three men die due to a helicopter crash. As a fan of these characters as well, I wouldn’t want any of them to die.




I also like the last part where Conan was compelled to hand the gun to the murderer. Instead of giving the gun, our ‘young’ detective decided to shoot Ran to save her at the same time. I can say this is the best part of the film because this is where Ran and Conan finally knew the reason, and the truth behind that horrible scene that Ran witnessed when she was little. It was during another hostage taking crisis, where Eri, her mom was held captive, and Mori, left with a serious decision to make, shot her mom, actually grazed her leg with a bullet in order to save her. Only then did I realize that a hostage will turn to a baggage for the hostage taker once he’s wounded. At this moment, the police force will also have the chance to counter attack the suspect and save the victim. That’s what happened to Ran as well and to Conan.

Edogawa Conan, also known as Shinichi Kudou is such an able and knowledgeable young man. Aside from having pilot experiences in a flying simulator, he also had experience, or should I say, bonding times with his Dad in a target shooting arena during their stay in Hawaii. This is why Conan was able to maneuver the helicopter and shot Ran on target.

Detective Conan Movie 2 The Fourteenth Target Screen


As with the murderer, he plotted and did such a hideous crime, involving even innocent lives, because of the grudge that he bears towards the victims (victims except for Inspector Megure, Detective Mori, Professor Agasa and Ran. As for Shinichi, the murderer was expecting him in the crime scene and was also planning to kill him being the ‘Ace’ in this game of cards). The culprit’s reason for doing such crime? Because he was mocked, ridiculed and one ‘accident’ which appeared to be a hit and run led to the loss of his sense of taste. As a wine expert, having all the five senses working is a must so you can be considered a credible Sommelier. It was like his whole world was shattered when he learned about this and from there decided to take a move for revenge. He wanted to die alongside all those he killed but Detective Mori didn’t allow him to for he wants him to see for himself and realize the gravity of his actions.

This movie ended on a positive note though. With Conan, Ran, Mori and Eri all safe and sound and living peacefully. Well, peacefully to some extent you know, because Mori and Eri still have their love quarrels sometimes.

I’m ecstatic to watch another Detective Conan Movie soon! Yes! Yes! I’m such a huge fan!


(Photos not mine, credits to their rightful owners)


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