My Thoughts on Detective Conan Movie 4- Case Closed: Captured In Her Eyes

Case Closed: Captured In Her Eyes – the latest Detective Conan movie I have watched a couple of days ago. I just can’t help but feel amazed every time I watch this anime, be it the series or movies.

This Detective Conan film was released in the United States in December 29, 2009 and achieved a box-office income of 2.5 billion in Japanese Yen ( It’s a no-brainer this movie earned this much for it was a really well-thought of film and the story is beyond genius and incredible.

Captured In Her Eyes is another murder case with a twist. Ran (the main female character) lost her memory here due to a severe traumatic experience. She witnessed Officer Sato (one of the three victims) shot before her very eyes. That incident was too much for her to handle resulting to a short-term memory loss. Of course, there was more to the story than meets the eyes.

Detective Conan Captured in Her Eyes 2


Every time I watch Detective Conan series and movies, I always try to follow the clues shown along the way, deduce the case and determine who the suspect/s is/are. Sadly though, I haven’t succeeded even once. Perhaps, I wasn’t paying much attention then (such a lame excuse! Lol!). On a lighter note, I become more and more amazed on how Edogawa Conan/ Shinichi Kudo come up with his deductions. Superb! The plot twist in this movie is just perfect- something that the viewers will not expect.

There was quite a long ‘chase scene’ in this movie and ‘cliffhanger’ parts which literally brought me to the edge of my seat.

I particularly like the earlier part where Conan mindlessly jumped off the railway to save Ran from being run over by the train. I also like the confrontation scene between the murderer and our ‘young’ detective. This part was really important especially for the fans because this is where the latter explains how he managed to solve the mystery behind the murder case. As always, his deduction was flawless and impeccable.

I am definitely looking forward to watching more Detective Conan films in the future. So far, I’ve already watched about five movies. Regardless of my age, I’m such a huge fan of this anime. Always and forever. You go Edogawa Conan!


(Photos not mine, credits to their rightful owners)


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