My First Ever Baguio Experience

May 4, 2014 was the realization of my dream- to travel and go to the City of Pines, Baguio City! Wuhoooooo!! Finally! Leslie, Francis (my friends from way back college) and I stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights and we all had a blast!

At our rented place in Baguio City

Day 1. Sunday, May 4. We arrived in Baguio around 3:00 in the afternoon. We went room hunting immediately. Good thing we were able to find one just near the Victory Liner terminal. The room costs Php 300 per head per night. Very cheap isn’t it?


Having settled in our room, we relaxed for a bit and off we go to 50’s Diner for our first ever dinner meal in Baguio City. We opted to go there by foot because we’ve been told that it’s just nearby (well, for me it turned out to be a bit far if you go there by foot). After about 20 minutes of walking, we finally arrived in the said restaurant. We ordered chicken meals, fish and chips and pasta. Except for the carbonara, the food tasted great and we all had a great time talking, laughing at the most random things and of course taking pictures of the place.


There was also a vintage red car in front of the diner which we thought was owned by a customer. That was a little nerve-racking. Fortunately, we were able to confirm that the car was owned by 50’s Diner so no problem taking pictures with us pretending to drive the fabulous car. Then the heavy rain poured and we were forced to stay in the diner for 30 more minutes.


We discovered that a bar called Red Lion Pub was situated just beside it so we went in to have a look and I spent my time there drinking a bottle of Tanduay Ice which costs Php 55. My fave alcoholic drink! Haha! The bar also has an Inn in the basement, videoke and billiards. It was a well-furnished bar and the decors are really nice.

We went back to the house around 5:30 in the afternoon, slept until 10:00 in the evening and went to Session Road to try out desserts at Vizcos. Unfortunately, it was already closed when we got there so we head out to search for other restaurants and ended at Pizza Volante where we ordered their banana cream pie, pizza and vanilla ice cream topped hot coffee. We then went for a walk along Session Road. Man, the place was really amusing. It is like Timog in Quezon City minus the pollution and cars here and there. Oh, and Session Road also has just enough bars and restaurants unlike in Manila which is loaded with so many establishments.


We also went shopping for pasalubongs that night. We thought it would be the best time to do such so that we wouldn’t be rushing to get all things done the next day. The delicacies like peanut brittle, lengua de gato, strawberry jam and ube jams are so cheap we had a big plastic bag loaded with these food items upon going home. We also stopped by 7/11 to buy drinks. Instead of spending the night at a bar, we decided to spend it in our rented place since we have a terrace there and we basically own the place that night. It was wonderful being with my college friends, Leslie and Francis. We talked and drank all night. We really had a lot of catching up to do so we made the most out of the three hours we have before sleeping at around 3:00 in the morning.


Day 2. Monday, May 5. We started the day early as we planned to use that day for pamamasyal. We went out around 8:30 in the morning. First stop was Camp John Hay. We originally planned to have our breakfast in here but the restaurants we saw were just typical restaurants that we can see in Manila so we endured our hunger until we found a nice place to eat at Mines View Park. But before leaving Camp John Hay, we also made sure to take pictures for keepsakes.

So off we go to Mines View Park. This place is so nice! I personally had a great time shopping for souvenir shirts and rags. The white shirts only costs Php 75 each while the rags costs Php 40 each. I can say the rags or doormats are good buys because of its quality. They are well-woven and thick enough for a 40 peso material.


We also went to a free museum where all the meticulously made wooden furniture are sold and other home decors. I wanted to buy one but they are too pricey and can’t afford it at the moment. It would also be quite hard to bring them home as they are big and would really use a lot of space inside the bus. Anyway, there’s always a next time. Of course, not to forget Strawberry Taho. We also tried a cup of it for only Php 25. I’m not really a fan of the strawberry fruit itself, but I can say the Strawberry Taho passed my expectations.

There were also tourists in Mines View Park who took the time to dress up as Ifugaos and then took pictures of themselves. It was good to see people really happy and just purely enjoying the place with their love ones.

Definitely having fun!
Definitely having fun!

Our next stop was Burnham Park. I enjoyed our stay here so much. We went for an hour boat ride which costs Php 150/ hour. It was actually Php 100 per 30 minutes but we got a discount. It was one epic ride! It was fun though. My friends are so makulit! 🙂  Leslie (one of my college buddies), definitely had her ‘moments’ there. 🙂


After Burnham Park, we went in search for Kidlat Tahimik’s restaurant, Oh My Gulay, where we had lunch. The place was really, really beautiful, with all the wood carvings, paintings and whatnot. And the food was great too. I never knew bulaklak ng kalabasa tempura would taste that well. We also ordered sliders with a veggie meat in it and of course their own version of lemonade and tea. Back at our place, we had a simple dinner, bought inihaw na bangus and barbeque in a nearby market (which is only a few steps away from our place), coffee at 7/11 and watched TV. I enjoyed that night, for after a long day of ‘gala’, we all had a well-deserved rest.


Day 3. Tuesday, May 6. We all planned to visit Ben Cab museum before going home. Sadly, it is a one hour ride going to that place and cabs nearby the museum are also rare. Since we only have about 3 hours to spare before heading home, we decided to visit SM Baguio instead. The mall was an open place. Of course, it doesn’t require air-conditioning so we all had fresh air to breathe even within the mall premises. We had breakfast at Sa-Wrapped where I ordered a dinuguan meal for only Php 79. Man, I missed eating dinuguan. Then we had coffee and dessert at Figaro, spent about 30 minutes there while enjoying the view of the whole city.

We went back to our place at around 12:00 in the afternoon, fixed our stuff, had our last group picture and at 1:10 in the afternoon, we finally said goodbye to Baguio.

All packed and ready to go home.
All packed and ready to go home.

Goodbyes are definitely not forever because we all agreed to go back soon. We’re actually planning to live in Baguio too. You know, I want to live in Baguio. I can live there, can’t I. Well, I just have to wait for the right time. 🙂

Note: For some reasons, the dates in the pictures are advanced by a day. I might have made an error while changing the settings in my camera. 


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