I Am A Frustrated Ginebra Fan


End of regulation: 97-84. Talk and Text Tropang Texters still undefeated, advances to the Semifinals. Barangay Ginebra San Miguel now officially out of this year’s PBA Commissioner’s Cup.

That was definitely far from being a good game for Barangay Ginebra. They could have played well even if they lost, unfortunately, they did not. They did not play well at all.

I was literally shaking my head all throughout the ball game. Talk and Text completely dominated from 1st to 4th quarter. As for Ginebra, there were just a lot of turnovers, wasted shot blocks and unnecessary fouls. Their defense was good in the first half but come 2nd half, it was totally a different story. With such poor plays, there is no way you can win against a team who consistently plays well with or without an import.

Everything looked easy for Talk and Text while on Ginebra’s side, everything looked so friggin’ hard. I bet none from the players, managers, coaching staff are proud with the way Ginebra played earlier. With the exception of Mark Caguioa, the ‘never say die’ attitude that we so love in Ginebra was non-existent in today’s game. It appeared like as early as 3rd quarter they have already given up.

This is really frustrating from a fan’s standpoint. What happened to the dominant Barangay Ginebra team we witnessed in the previous Philippine Cup? Where did the best defensive player in Japeth Aguilar, the sharp three-point shooter in Mac Baracael, the intelligent playmaker in LA Tenorio, the aggressive athlete in Chris Ellis and the super rookie in Greg Slaughter go? I have cited these players because they have been the major factors in Ginebra’s successful run (though they didn’t win the championship) in the previous conference. Where did all these players go?

I personally will not have high expectations for Ginebra if the team doesn’t have these kind of players. For years, Ginebra has the underdogs, but these underdogs played with so much heart on court that winning is no longer a big deal for me. What’s important is that they give a good fight. Now that Ginebra has some of the best basketball players in the country, they fall short even more and that’s really frustrating.

That game earlier was one of Ginebra’s worst.


On a lighter note, I am deeply grateful that Mark Caguioa is still with the team. He is definitely the heart and soul of the most popular professional ball club in the Philippines. He showed heart earlier. It just wasn’t enough. He needed help.

I am still one of the millions of Ginebra’s solid fans. This I’m certain. I am hoping that come next conference, we’ll be able to see the good ol’ ‘Never Say Die’ Ginebra team again and yeah, players who play well in every ball game.

I just have to let all my frustrations out.

Inhale. Exhale. Accept the fact that my team is officially out this conference.  

Photo credits: All images used were grabbed online. Credits to owners.


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