Another Loss: Another Wake Up Call for the Nth Time

End of regulation: 83-73. Alaska Aces clinched their fourth consecutive win while Ginebra San Miguel drops to a solo 8th spot with 3-5 W-L card.

Heart-breaking. Yet again.

It was a complete domination by Alaska from the 1st to 4th quarter. I’ve seen hope of winning when Ginebra managed to cut down the lead to seven during the 3rd quarter of the ballgame. But just when you thought the Kings are closing in, the Aces fired back a three and two point punches to increase their lead to 12. And from there on, not even a ray of hope was given to Ginebra.

I don’t know what’s going on in the heads of the Ginebra players. I mean you have former MVPs right there, Mark Caguioa and Jayjay Helterbrand; one of the best pointguard in the country, LA Tenorio; one of the best defensive player in the league, Japeth Aguilar; a D-League standout, Chris Ellis; 2013’s number 1 rookie draft, Greg Slaughter; and the addition for this conference, an NBA veteran, Josh Powell, who upon writing this blog was called by Houston Rockets to return to the USA tomorrow in time for the playoffs (as per Snow Badua). Not yet confirmed though but better to take Powell out of Ginebra’s roster since he’s just in for one conference. So you have all these great players in the line-up, but as far as their Win-Loss card is concerned, they still aren’t good enough.



What are we missing then? It’s normal to turn to the system of the coaching staff as reason for their losses. Is this really the answer? Well, not always. For in this last game and in the other matches that Ginebra have played in the past, their victory depends most of the time to their consistency in playing excellent basketball – their consistency as a team to be specific. The win always goes to the team who plays consistently well – not that you have to necessarily dominate from 1st to 4th quarter, but you have to fire guns enough to keep your team breathing from the beginning ‘til the end. And so far, Ginebra’s not playing this way in every ballgame.

You may have all the great players in the country, but if these players don’t come together to play excellent basketball every time, then this so-called ‘greatness’ will just be thrown out of the window by the team who DOES.

Okay, the never-say-die thing may still be there, but I just can’t feel it. As far as this game against Alaska is concerned, ‘never say die’ is nowhere to be found. You can’t say that a team is working hard to win a game if in every chance to score, they don’t score at all.

I just don’t know how many more heartbreaks I have to endure before I see the championship trophy back in Ginebra’s hands.

With all the other teams, and I say teams, not just players, who have been showing exemplary performance in every ball game, I don’t know if Ginebra’s time for championship is this Commissioner’s Cup. I really can’t tell now. I’m still hoping though, but I’d rather not expect again.

Don’t get me wrong folks, I’m still a fan of Ginebra’s. I’ve been a fan since 1st grade and I can’t imagine supporting another PBA team in the years to come. It’s just that we’ve been waiting for so long now for that championship. When is Ginebra going to wake up? For real.


Photo credits: All images used were grabbed online. Credits to owners.


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