My Post Game Article- PBA Semifinals Game 7 between Barangay Ginebra and San Mig Coffee MIxers (12 February 2014)

‘Til Next Conference.’

Final Score: 110-87. San Mig Super Coffee Mixers with a huge win. They advance to the finals, while Ginebra’s run ends here.

POG: James Yap with a career high of 30 points

As a Ginebra fan, this is another heartbreak. We all have been longing for a championship title since 2006, and unfortunately, we still can’t get it.

In the end, it boils down on who is the more experienced team and who have the more consistent players. San Mig has both. James Yap is just unstoppable with his three point baskets and so are PJ Simon, Marc Pingris, Rafi Reavis and Ian Sangalang on their respective posts. I thought these players have been the major factors for San Mig’s big win.

For Ginebra, it was good to see The Fast and The Furious come alive again. It was like seeing the good ol’ days when they have been dominating the offense for the team, creating plays and just making the crowd get up on their feet with their flawless connection on court. It was such a joy to witness them play the way they played earlier.

Ginebra is indeed a young team. With all the talents this ball club has, it’s still possible for them to make another Semifinals appearance and even a Finals appearance and perhaps, end the drought on the Championship title. I still have high hopes. I know they can do it. It didn’t happen this conference but they are still capable of winning games, of dominating a conference.

And even with the many losses they’ve had, I just don’t see myself supporting other teams. Yeah, I do admire other players, but being a fan of just one team, that’s gotta be Barangay Ginebra.

We win, we lose. That’s life. With all the ups and downs, Ginebra can take comfort in the fact that millions of fans will continue on supporting them. I know Mark Caguioa and the rest of the team did their best to win this series, it’s just that, San Mig played better.

Congratulations to San Mig! Whoever wins between San Mig and Rain or Shine is definitely deserving of the title. Boy, this has been one crazy conference!

As for me, I’ll have to take a break from PBA and be back on March 7 to support of course, Barangay Ginebra San Miguel!

God bless everyone! 


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